The All New bassAware Drop

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The bassAware Drop is a new type of wearable audio device that uses vibration to create a massive bass experience.

Wear your Drop to experience immersive sound and heavy bass that you can FEEL, anytime you’re wearing headphones from any audio source: your phone, music player, tablet, laptop, or game console controller. And now with our new bassAware Boost Mic Mode technology, you can also instantly sync bassAware with your home stereo, the sound system at a club, or the PA system at any venue - perfectly in time with the music coming from the speakers. The Drop delivers an unbelievable personal bass Boost!

It’s super portable - you can take it with you anywhere - it’s small, lightweight, and battery powered. Everywhere you go - you’ll feel that visceral punch like you’re in the club or in front of a giant stack of speakers.

How does it work?

The device uses a tactile transducer placed on your upper back - this is a special type of audio driver creating vibration rather than sound. These sensations travel through your body to the inner ear where your nervous system translates these felt vibrations into “heard” sounds. The result is an immersive bass experience that no one but you can hear or feel.

The Drop resembles a small backpack or futuristic holster. It’s super adjustable and comfortably fits an array of body types both large and small. It’s unisex, looking great on men and women. The Drop has two extra pockets big enough for your phone, music player, or wallet. It’s low profile, easily fitting under a jacket - and is totally comfortable to wear with a backpack or cargo bag.

***Please note product deliveries begin in spring 2016***

Features & Specifications

  • Harness:

    • All synthetic fabric: nylon canvas, neoprene, spandex, nylon webbing
    • Mil spec buckles and hardware
    • Ergonomic ABS plastic back plate with high density silicone pads
    • Extremely adjustable for all body types (mid body strap can go from 22.5” to 45”, measure yourself around your chest but below the bust starting and ending at the base of the sternum)
    • Unisex design
    • Two pockets sized to fit a phone, music player, or wallet
  • Electronics:

    • 15 watt RMS tactile transducer
    • Bass vibration amplifier with gain control (class D chip amp with filter 30Hz - 100Hz)
    • Onboard headphone amp with gain control
    • Streaming Audio input (wireless from your device)
    • bassAware Boost Mic Mode technology (omnidirectional bass microphone with low latency signal processing)
    • 3.5mm analog audio input
    • 3.5mm analog audio output (for headphones)
    • Compatible with headphone remote controls
    • USB power port for device charging
  • Battery:

    • 2600 mAh 12V li-ion battery pack with level indicator
    • Estimated 12-20 hours of continuous playback for each full charge
    • External battery charger, UL listed
  • Accessories:

    • 3.5mm male to male audio cables included (two cables are included, 18” long and 36” long)
    • Instruction card
    • Patch and stickers

Introducing bassAware Boost:

And now, new for 2015, we’re including bassAware Boost with the bassAware Drop - a new microphone technology that allows you to use your Drop in any sound environment - at home with your stereo playing, in a club with a sound system, at a warehouse party, or at a concert venue. Our low latency embedded bass microphone technology will pick up any sub frequency sound in the room and translate this to vibration on your body, perfectly in time with the music coming from the speakers - giving you an unbelievable personal bass boost.


Use bassAware with your music player and headphones for a completely immersive, full body bass experience.



Use bassAware Boost Microphone Mode and experience awesome bass straight from your speakers.


The Drop works great with any wired headphones. It adds physical punch to the best premium models. It completely fills out the low end on inexpensive earbuds. The best headphones get better and lower quality headphones suddenly sound amazing. Either way, there’s no going back.

The Drop is a great tool for DJs to use in their monitoring chain while performing. Many clubs and venues have very poor sub-bass monitoring in the DJ booth. The Drop completely solves this problem and allows DJs to simply and easily monitor sub frequencies regardless of the venue.

The Drop also works great for music production, movie watching, video games, and virtual reality.