Onward and Upward November 22 2015

Many of you followed our recent crowd funding campaign at  Unfortunately, our marketing efforts did not translate to enough backers and we did not meet our funding goal.  That said, we believe in our product and we are moving forward with production anyway.  The current schedule is begin shipping the all new updated bassAware Drop in late February 2016.  We are taking pre-orders now, for all you who backed the last project - and - for all of you who like to pre-order now.

We have several additional exciting developments that we will be sharing with all of you soon.  Thanks again.

Coming soon: 2015 updated bassAware Drop, now with bassAwareBoost microphone mode tech February 17 2015

We have been demoing a new version of bassAware publicly in NYC and in Philadelphia, so we figured we ought to make a public statement here about it too.  The new version will be initially available through a crowd funding campaign beginning this spring.  The product will begin shipping in summer/fall 2015.

We have partnered with a fantastic NYC based electronics design consultancy to create a new embedded microphone mode for bassAware.  This allows you to wear the device without headphones or music player - in any room or space that has ambient bass frequencies - like in your apartment with home stereo playing - or in a dance club or concert venue with a sound system - and bassAware will 'hear' the low frequencies and translate them to tactile vibration on your body - giving you a personal bass boost.  We've been testing prototypes here in New York for the last few months and this new feature just works great.  Lower priority features we also want to include in 2015 are Bluetooth connectivity to sound sources, and a usb port for device charging.  The 2015 version will also have some style and cosmetic upgrades as well.

We will release some new images and video in the coming weeks to give you an idea of what we've been working on.  More soon!



Review of bassAware on July 08 2014

Here's a review of bassAware on

How about some Bass Science! July 02 2014

Researchers are finding out more about why we love bass so much:

bassAware on DJ Tech Tools June 17 2014

DJ Tech Tools is doing a series of articles and videos on Bass Augmentation, which features bassAware and other tactile audio products.  Take a look:

Instruction Card for The Drop June 11 2014

Big gratitude to Sariel Lehyani ( for designing this great instructional card for the Drop.  We wanted a really simple set of visual instructions rather than a wordy instruction guide.  Really happy with this :)


Special Delivery! June 11 2014

We recently delivered some bassAware to one of our fans in NYC :)

Welcome! January 13 2014

This is the first blog post on the new e-commerce site.  As always, thanks for your interest in bassAware.  We've been busy getting the first production run together and should be shipping out soon.  We also plan to do more events to give you all an opportunity to try out bassAware first hand.  Stay tuned for many new exciting and fun updates.