The Drop

A wearable audio device that creates a massive bass experience

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Feel The Bass

Use the Drop anytime you're wearing headphones - with any audio source: your phone, your music player, your tablet, or your laptop. It's super portable - you can take it with you anywhere - it's small, lightweight, and battery powered.

Everywhere you go - you'll feel that visceral punch like you're in the club or in front of a giant stack of speakers.

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“ bassAware is killer.

It's an amazing music experience, but the portability and microphone feature open up possibilities far beyond passive listening. I love the quality of the build and the ethos behind the approach.

bassAware has my full support. ”

– Ill Gates
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Join our crowdfunding campaign, launched on September 18. Support early - delivery starts for the first 100 units within 6 months of the end of the crowdfunding campaign.

Get Your Own Drop Available now at Crowd Supply